The majestic rock and roll of SLOW MOTORCADE has been bubbling and brewing in the back alleys of Tinsel Town under the guidance of the enigmatic guitarist-composer Anthony Castillo, who alone or in collaboration has written a collection of great, new arena-pop anthems. Anthony has created a high octane engine to deliver up the musical goods by hand-picking a star line up and forming the ultimate Hollywood Super Group who have completed their first full length release SEX, DRAGS AND ROCK N' ROLL.

Combining the cocky swagger of Generation X and The Professionals with the dramatic entrances and sweeping exits of seventies stadium-rock royalty like Queen and The Raspberries, SLOW MOTORCADE brings back the big rock vibe of seventies AM radio. The influence of The Beatles, Mott The Hoople, The Who and Cheap Trick can be heard in their well crafted pop-rock anthems.

So, while Anthony perfected his new songs, he also perfected the lineup. Not since the salad days of Silverhead, The Babies and Max's Kansas City has there been a musical line up capable of conveying all the heartbreak and majesty of Slow Motorcade. Starting with lead vocalist John Napier (Sancho, 502), who's matinee-idol good looks, classic front man stance and salty banter conjure up shades of Rod Stewart or Roger Daltrey. Lead guitarist Joe Hutchinson (Zeroes, Hutch) tosses out biting crunchy licks with flashes of Derwood Andrews, Jimmy McCullough or Mick Ronson. Bassist Derrick Anderson (The Andersons, Chewy Marble, Rubyfish) is well known for his melodic McCartney meets Entwistle bass lines. Drummer Thom Sullivan (Big Elf) is simply the best living rock'n'roll drummer, bar none. And of course, Anthony (Two Bit Fortune, Black Cherry, Spiders & Snakes) cranks out rhythm guitar Joan Jett style to round out the big rock sound. All members of the group lend their voices for a touch of sweetness with vocal harmonies.

Recording quickly became a full scale production. The self produced tracks were recorded at two Los Angeles studios (The Sand Box and The Lincoln Lounge) over a two year period, then mixed by glam impresario Jack Atlantis (Silver Scream, Club Makeup). Jack stealthily executed Monsieur Castillo's summery anthems with verve, gusto, teenage-bedroom rock angst and Phil Spector/Brian Wilsonesque pomposity. Lyrically combining a Clash-like social conscience juxtaposing with a hedonistic Rock-Star frivolity, Slow Motorcade is throwing a party and all of humanity is invited. This is Pop Music on a Grand Scale!

Let The Good Times Roll, West Coast Revolutionary Power-Pop Rock Is Back.

Slow Motorcade's new cd "Sex, Drags & Rock 'n' Roll" available now...Check it out!!

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