Thank you for checking out the Slow Motorcade website, we hope you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. As a means of introduction to what's in store for the casual or (hopefully) long term visitor, let me explain what Slow Motorcade is and what we are about.

First and foremost we are a rock'n'roll band based in the "city of angels", Los Angeles, CA. The five members that comprise this band are almost as diverse as the city of LA itself. The things that brought us together were a love of melodic, high energy, thought provoking, timeless rock'n'roll, as well as a shared social vision. This is not to imply the Slow Motorcade is a monolith of thought and ideas, it isn't. But the core values we do share can be seen in the other websites we link to through ours. You'll notice a diverse collection of material listed to be sure.

Some of the sites fall under the categories of Sex, Drag & Rock'n'Roll, (which is the title of our latest CD on the Populist Anthems label) and are just plain fun. But a majority of the sites are listed under Community Building. This was done so our website would be more than just a self serving vehicle to promote Slow Motorcade. We encourage you to investigate and probe the information provided within these other sites, as well as look at our photo gallery, read reviews, read our song lyrics, or find out where you can come to see us play live. You'll have fun and maybe discover something that you didn't know about previously.

Slow Motorcade is a rock'n'roll band. One that's fun, rocks hard, one you can sing along with and one that will maybe make you think while you're dancing or playing your air instrument of choice. So not only do we hold out hope for a better world, we hold out hope for better rock'n'roll. Please don't hesitate to contact us! We want to know what you think of the site, the songs or any comments you may have regarding Slow Motorcade. And if you are so inclined you could even purchase a CD from us directly.

Thanks again for checking us out, we appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony Castillo

p.s. Slow Motorcade says NO to war and NO to the illegal agenda of the illegitimate US president G.W. Bush!!!


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