SLOW MOTORCADE "SEX,DRAGS, AND ROCKNROLL" (Cargo UK) 70's A.M. radio rock akin to all of that rich decade's also-ran's that oblivious cats like me are only recently gettin' 'round to discovering, such as the Babies and Silverhead and the Rasberries and Candy. Pop on a grand scale that might appeal to fans of Big Star, Queen or "That 70's Show". Rick Springfield songwriting sensibilities with a Lords Of The New Church social conscience. Nobody makes music like this anymore. (-JDM)


ANGELFIRE REVIEW: Music That Hasn't Sucked in 2002 (So Far) By Joshua Blake Rutledge: bitter, out-of-touch rock n' roll dinosaur

Slow Motorcade- SEX, DRAGS, & ROCK 'N' ROLL CD (Populist) The stepchildren of the Lords of the New Church, the younger brothers of Dramarama, the great-nephews of The Raspberries, and the sons of Mott the Hoople---all rolled into one. A pop-savvy rock band steeped in the tradition of the trashed-out glitter-rock days of yore and primed for the next revolution. The shamelessly poppy "Life in a Moment" has the potential to be a massive crossover radio hit a la Aerosmith's "Jaded".

So there you have it. Some signs of life. Rock n' roll will never die, and the great tunes will keep on coming. There's just that matter of FINDING OUT about them. That's the tricky part. Wade through the shit, and sometimes you strike gold. Go forth and behave poorly, ---Joshua Blake Rutledge June 27, 2002