Lyrics by Anthony Castillo, Castle Noir Music BMI and

Francois Perez, Francois Songs BMI ©


Sixteen forever, living in a world that's all my own,

Sixteen forever, how they live well I don't want to know,

Sixteen forever, never gonna change,

Verse One:

Every time I'm told to grow up, grow up, fall in line and conform,

I hear a voice say inside of my head, that's not why you were born,

Pre Chorus:

What ever it is, what ever I've got, I'm holding on to something you've lost,

Repeat Chorus:

Verse Two:

What's it really mean to grow up, grow up, some one tell me please,

If it means you just repeat what they've done, that would be obsene,

Pre Chorus:

When you look at me, well who do you see,

Is it just me, or someone you used to be?

Repeat Chorus:

Repeat Chorus and vamp out on chorus: