Lyrics by Anthony Castillo, Castle Noir Music BMI ©

Verse One:

Imagine what she felt when she saw the sights,

Yet she still stood out in that crowded Sunset rock'n'roll night,

New in town, ya but not like the others,

Her attitude complete, her image ready for pinup covers,


But where is she now, she's missing in action,

Rock'n'Roll can take it's toll, (can take your soul),

Verse Two:

He was part of the crowd on that fateful first night,

Yet some time would pass before they'd hold each other in bar fly light,

She may have cared, but for her it was to late,

Her career came first, for war brides everything has to wait,

Repeat Chorus Twice:


Neon angels have to fly high,

the sisters Currie made her try, (you know why),

Like Bettie Page did in early times, she's vanished disappeared but why?

Repeat Chorus Twice: