Lyrics by Anthony Castillo, Caste Noir Music BMI ©

Verse One:

A constant struggles in the world today,

There's a consequence to all we do or say,

The corporate system wants to own it all,

For short term profit life supports are sold away,

Pre Chorus:

The global economy, neo-liberal murder,


What is the real cost, all our lives,

What is the real loss, juggernaut,

What is the real worth, all our lives,

What is the real price?

Verse Two:

A man made system is the plan today,

Ignore what nature's done she only gets in the way,

The message sold is that it needs to grow,

Behold the juggernaut, full tilt, no controls,

Pre Chorus:

Because of the GNP, laiss'ez-faire means murder,

Repeat Chorus:


Five hundred years ago it all began,

Or was it just the beginning of the end,

What was said to be so civilized,

Brought with it untold evils and genocide,

Repeat Chorus: