Lyrics by Anthony Castillo, Castle Noir Music BMI ©

Verse One:

I stare at pictures of you, the ones that show me so much, of what I want to know,

You stare right back at me, something in your eyes won't let me go,

Pre Chorus:

Oh my unrequited love, oh I need your nurses touch,

Until we meet again, I'll dream,


I'm in the arms of Dark Angel tonight,

She's got the power, the love and the light,

I'm in the arms of Dark Angel tonight,

She's a super hero girl, (In an all to common world), (I'm just a comic book boy),

Verse Two:

With all your signatures, you leave a mark on me that won't go away,

An arrow's through my heart, is it real or just on the printed page,

Pre Chorus:

Oh but Flaxen fly's away, oh but did I hear her say,

Until we meet again, just dream,

Repeat Chorus:


Though I'm just a mortal man,

I'm not just your common fan,

When we're truly friends, then you'll understand,

Please darlin, please darlin let me in, let me in,

Repeat Chorus: